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A system to keep records of practically anything that you like in an easy and intuitive way
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17 October 2009

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Recording loads of information, such as references, web URL, licenses, real estate, contacts, important dates, and even more, manually over papers, diaries, notepad files, etc might lead to annoyance. It’s because organizing huge amount of data and finding the necessary information at required time often becomes extremely confusing and time-consuming task. If it’s been long since you’re troubled with record keeping and information organization, then now you can ease your burden by using the RecordsKeeper 1.1.3. It’s a powerful repository tool that helps you in recording almost all type of important information like passwords, medical, property, project files, assets, contact, utilities, clubs subscription, and even more. Along with this, the program also supports creating records and activity graphics, and printing them whenever necessary. You can further customize and assign desired labels to data fields and screen for tracking different information effectively.

RecordsKeeper sports an intuitive graphical user interface and lets you define and customize labels, categories, and descriptors and almost every program feature according to your requirements. It comprises of tabs that can be modified and named as you want like Personal, Business Cards, Insurance, Important Documents, Events, Health Records, Application licenses, etc. However, at the mid lower part of interface, you’re provided options to maintain tab placement and names and tabset names and sequences. Further, the options include data report and help report preparing feature, viewing and updating data, setting system options, etc. Also you can alter captions with the caption control screen, manage hyperlink descriptor tags, edit current window data, add/delete/change user, change password, and set default user. You can easily enter and store necessary information with relevant tabs, and the entire data is stored within a database, individually for every user. The program is safer for storing your important information as it can be accessed only when you correct username and password.

RecordsKeeper 1.1.3 facilitates you in storing huge amount of information and data, and managing it all effortlessly. The program deserves 3.5 rating points for its credible set of functions aiding it to deliver remarkable performance.

Publisher's description

RecordsKeeper keeps records of practically anything. It is a repository for anything that you should or might want to keep a record of, either for reference or for historical purposes.
Customize and label screen and data fields so that whatever you decide you want to track, you can organize it using categories, labels and descriptors that you name yourself. You are not limited, since everything can be customized. There are many help features to guide you. You are provided with a number of meaningful reports.
Because records are kept in various ways, and because we find ourselves looking through files and binders to locate information, there is a need to be able to keep a reference to everything of interest in one place. Other software can do this, but few provide the ability to keep track of virtually everything. With computers, there are many more things to keep track of (licences, sign-on id’s, passwords, web-sites, web-pages, etc.) that it is becoming necessary to keep organized and accessible records. Having medical records (past and current conditions, family member’s conditions, medication regimens and important health measure indicators) well documented and organized can be beneficial during visits with physicians, dealing with insurers and when traveling. Having well organized records about a myriad of things that are important to you will help family and estate executors with understanding, locating and disposing of your possessions. As computers are used more for almost everything, not everybody may have all the details needed to carry on affairs should someone or a main user become incapacitated, or be absent for some period of time. With this system, things of importance can easily be passed on to others.
Give it a try. There is very little to lose except a bit of your time, but a lot to gain in being better organized. Only your imagination will limit what you can do, so have fun! Visit for more info.
the RecordsKeeper
the RecordsKeeper
Version 1.1.3
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